18 nov. 2010


Today, my mom, her colleges and I took the bus to Ullared. The driver was a real charmer, until we discovered his most likely innate ability to never ever shut up :D

First timer as I was I was strung tight as a string. My mother and I got ourselves a cart each and then proceeded to dive into the war zone that is Ullared and decided to immediately split up. Not quite surprisingly, five minutes later I had abandoned my cart and retreated to base (my mom). That place is fucking scary. Old ladies with carts are fucking scary.

I was going to write this biiig post (that nobody'll ever read)about my adventure, but since I have more important stuff to talk about, I won't.

1. My spoils of war



You'd better look at this picture CLOSELY, because it's very likely it's the last flash pic you'll see from me until my ass starts growing money.
My lovely cat, who's not really all that lovely at all right now, made me drop my camera and the fall totally obliterated my beloved flash ;__; I may have continuously told my flash what a useless little bitch it is, but I did so out of love. And now it's very likely I won't ever tell it anything ever again *drama*

My mom just came down and tried to be all nice and stuff, and all I did was bitch at her. I'm such an ungrateful child!!

But srsly though, I just used up money I don't really have to shop for things I don't really need - I don't have any money! I'm bringing my baby with me to school. Somebody ought to be able to tell me something .______.

Thus, I will now proceed to torment you with very grainy and very ugly pictures. Yeah.

Leggins, hipsters, socks, IPhone screen cover.

Awesome Tube-top and equally awesome jacket. Trust me - it's awesome.

Cozy, grey poncho-jacket.

Shiny skirt with lovely rose pattern.


Now, I'll retreat back into my world of darkness and wallow in self pity.




6 kommentarer:

Fluff sa...

it all looks so nice!!!X3 makes me want to go back there ;_________;

Katbell sa...

I LOVe this song. <3 It's so cozy, and sad.

Though I think about Buffy+Spike when listening to it, saw a pretty good amv with them and this song.

Nice stuff!! <3 <3 wants to go to Ullared too! (never been there, and kinda have a reason too now with all the the moving n stuff.)

Real pitty with the camera. T^T
KittyCats can be so frustrating at times!

KAVKI sa...

SO NICE!! Agreeing with Fluff, I wanna go back there and get more stuff XD

Fanny M. sa...


Jag vill ju OCKSÅ till Ullared!? Kan vi inte göra en hel massive-resa tillsammans allihopa!? :DDD

(sorry about your loss, babe! *heart*)

Cathrin sa...

Love Ullared! <3
I also want to go again, I feel the need to buy a ton of new clothes. :D

ChouChou sa...

Det verkar ju faktiskt som att ALLA vill dit, pretty soon. Inte jag dock - nu är jag fattig 8DDD ...