1 nov. 2010

Photoshop skillz not quite

A couple of pics I had a quick go at in PS. Will probably redo because patience level is at zero right now. Anyone had one of those days when everything just goes wrong and suddenly your life seems in need of some serious airbrushing? Who am I kidding - of course you do! However, I really wanted to write something here, even though my mood totally crashed somewhere in between tolerable and go-fuck-yourself-land.

2 kommentarer:

KAVKI sa...

not-quite-fun-day perhaps but I hope you feel better tomorrow! :'3

You're photo-skillz have improved to like what-the...-that's-f*ing-amazing!!-level.. like seriously. I am really impressed!

Fluff sa...

these are gorgeous! *___* i love every single one!♥♥♥