5 nov. 2010

Today, I'm skipping school. I'm totally gonna stay at home and wallow in my own misery. My troath - it hurts so bad I want to cry from the frustration of it. Oh, but I already did that 8DDD. EVERY single time I swallow, which is like 6-7 times a minute, razors fucking course down the inside of my troath, shredding it to little pieces! Oh, I'm being dramatic am I? Indulge me! D:<' Pain makes me mean ._________.

So. No school. Instead. I'm making this:

And yes, I'm going to eat ALL of it. It's the ultimate prerogative of a sickling (other than making nice people do your bidding). And that would be me!

So the agenda of today is as follows: lots of chocolate cake, aaaand this:

Both cake and entertainment was recommended to me by my dear friend Matilda.

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Katbell sa...

Otomen <3 <3

and the cake looks yummy!