3 nov. 2010

My throat is killing me, and not very softly at all! I feel like a throttle-attempt survivor. Ouch :( Mum, being the wise creature that mums usually are, told me to call vårdcentralen. I think I will because this is hell.

More importantly, however is that today I officially got started on my final project in school! Exciting, right? (or so I tell myself)

I have 10 models and roughly a month to shoot, airbrush, develop and assemble it all into a neat portfolio. Not to mention the many hours of painful looking-through-hundreds-of-photos-and-wrestling-with-self-over-which-ones-to-choose that I can now look forward to. I detest it :( very much.

But it isn't all bad. I actually had a lot of doubts as to whether the technical aspects of this would work. I mean, I have the finished picture in my head, but as we all know my head doesn't really compare with the outside world. It's that rundown motel you just don't want to check into.

Okay, enough of the fluffy talk. This is Ellen; my very beautiful, very talented and very brave friend. Being the first one out, she had to endure all the difficult stuff. She actually had to be the one to calm me down - and I'm the photographer. For that, I am grateful. I've never shot with her before and I'm surprised at how well it went. Usually it takes a couple of shoots before photographer and model find a place where they're comfortable. But this being something I'm actually trying to avoid this time, I think that shortened the process somewhat. I'm so mean <3

These are just some of the many great shots we got today. In the end, I have to narrow it down to 2 pictures a model, but since I'm somewhat of a procrastinate genius, I'm leaving that for later. Hah.

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KAVKI sa...

Mind-boggling beuatiful. Just wow.

ChouChou sa...

Tacktacktacktack <3