13 nov. 2010


This has been one weird week. I'm not sure if I'm sad to see it go or not. Today, for the first time in days, I changed out of my pajamas and into a pair of jeans. No school and not leaving the house has made this week into one big pile of mush. I really can't remember the days.

Monday's the big test that I should have been dreading but haven't. I've barely opened the book. Panic setting in right about now. But it's okay, I think. I mean, I've been playing around in Photoshop for ... 8 years or something like that. I know what I'm doing! Almost.

ANyway, I just wanted to tell you about the pizza I had today from this new place in town. Compared to that pizza, my week has been wierdless!

Pesto, walnuts, black olives and some kind of ham. Delicious and the first time ever that I don't have to worry about my brother taking stuff not his to take. Nedless to say, he wasn't impressed at all! But I tell you, it was good!

Also, here's a pic of the one being that's been keeping me together lately.

Love you.

So much!

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