2 sep. 2010

Hej svejs i malmö-skogen!

So, school's up-and-running! I had my first lesson two days ago, though I'd probably not call it a lesson since it was more like an introduction of sorts. So this Friday (tomorrow) will be the first real taste of this course. I cannot tell you enough how excited I am about all this! Listening to all the things that course will enable me to learn, I thought my ass would lift right up off the chair I was so happy!

I, of course, dived headfirst right into our first assignment: shoot a portrait of yourself in a public photo booth. Only this single picture has to represent us, our personalities and everything else that is, well, you. Exciting right?? :D The teacher told us of past students dragging entire beds and bicycles into the booth, so I'm thinking this has to be pretty innovative and filled to the brim with awesomeness to cut it.

This is my idea which, while not quite as ambitious as the whole I'll-turn-this-booth-into-my-new-sleeping-quarters-idea, I still think is rather representative of me as a person.

A bowl with a bunch of pigs on it and a pair of pencils? Now what could I possibly do with that? Well let me tell you that I plan to fill that bowl with rice. Those pencils will be my chopsticks *grins* ok, so maybe that's lame, but I quite like it! Japan has, is and will always be a big, biig part of my life and who I am. My time spent there made me into the person I am today. The pencils, of course, represent the artist in me.

Next up is this:

It struck me that of course I just had to incorporate myself as a photographer in there as well, and so here it is. First I thought of just holding my camera, but then the rice and the pencils entered the pic, and since I quite obviously do not possess an unlimited amount of limbs I put that idea out. Instead I came to think of my collection of polariods. They're pictures taken of people and moments important to me. Why not have them in the portrait? The first idea I had was to string them on a piece of string and kind of make a necklace of them. However, I like this idea better ech ech ech

I still have lighting, backdrops and a few more details to think up before I set about actualizing all this but I think I have most of it figured out :)

So, now my only problem is how do I sit and eat rice in a photo booth and not get arrested? O___o'''

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