31 aug. 2010

The fun-fun-place before the Storm

Så. Imorgon börjar det. Allvaret.

At the beginning of every new semester, I always find myself in incredibly high spirits. Somehow, I manage to delude myself into believing that school is a place of fun-fun times and conveniently forget that it is in fact, hell on earth. E.v.er.y s.i.n.g.l.e t.i.me. Why I do this I do not know and I cannot possibly begin to unravel the rat's nest that is my brain (and I advice you not to try either)>8DDD

So, writing this as I am on the day before the start of the term, I am one excited wittle girlie!

On another note, yesterday marks a very historic day! That is, the day I yet again begun my fight against the fat on my body [insert surprised exclamation here].

Don't get me wrong, I quite like the way I look. I'm not thin, and most of the time I don't want to be. I say "most of the time", because occasionally the real world comes knock,knock, knocking on my door to tell me that skinny girls is the shit and wouldn't I like to look like that?

hurr durr?

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Fiaです! sa...

Gör också samma fel varje.jävla.gång! Trodde första allt skulle bli glatt å trevligt och nu sitter jag med verkligheten som är slaveri med att skriva arbeten&hinna med deadlines. Att man aldrig lär sig D:
Hoppas allt gick bra första dan! (Θゝω・)b-☆