27 sep. 2010


I got an early (or really really late but since my glass presently is half full, I'll go with early) start on next bikini season :D For the last couple of weeks I've been kinda watching what I eat. Next to no sweet stuff, though I've cheated once or twice (<-- very good). Smaller portions of food and since school started soomewhat more exercise. Though I wouldn't really count it as such XD darn it.

Anyroad. Today I started drinking this yuckie powder-diet-mix-drink-thingie that's supposed to replace regular meals. It's supposed to taste like chocolate but really, it's just muck with a tint of cacao >.< If you want to crash course it, you replace all 3 meals but if you're as exhaustingly lacking in the money department as me, you go easy with just 1 yuckie drink a day 8DD ...

Seriously, this had better work, or I will be wanting my tastebuds back TT____TT

And to end this post, I give you a picture of something I can't eat 8DDDDDDD enjoy, or sumthin'

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