12 apr. 2011

When it comes to art, I’m a perfectionist. Trust me, it’s not a good thing. So my dear artist friend Amanda challanged me (as she always does). She gave me 2 hours to do a likeness of a photograph - any photograph. And what it does is that it pushes you to look past your own imperfections and just… roll with it!

Naturally, I chose a picture I felt I could stare at for 2 hours straight, if you know what I mean. Hehe.

I enjoyed it, in a way. Although I still think it’s cheating when you simply sample colors haha! But since it’s for practice, I guess it’s okay. I would point out to you all the things that are wrong with this painting, but I’ve been taught never to do that, so, you figure it out yourselves! Cheers <3

2 kommentarer:

Cathrin sa...

It's gorgeous and I love it! Imperfections are in the eyes of the beholder and I see none! :D

ChouChou sa...

Tack Cathrin. Vad glad jag blir!