13 feb. 2011

Glee fanart

And the Glee fanaticism continues! This time in the form of fanart (WIP). I see no end to my crazy, nor do I want to! Too much fun, you understand. *manic laugther*

2 kommentarer:

Katbell sa...

Love the art, <3
am not a fan of the pair, yet, love Kurt and want him to find a boyfriend, but haven't been able to see them together before this last episode. >.<
I dunno why it's something with Blaine that I didn't like. Last ep at the end he got more points though... he is more down to earth now so yay! :D <3

ChouChou sa...

Jag tror att han kom ner lite på Kurt's nivå :) från att vara hans senpai till att bara vara hans vän!