8 okt. 2010


Time's running away from me. Not necessarily in a bad way. Mostly it's just me standing by, dumbfounded 8D Guess this is what happens when you have but 8 hours of school per week. Sooooo goood. But does that mean that I lay about and do nothing the other 160 hours? Pretty much, pretty much! Except that's not entirely true. They have us running around with our cameras as our swords through the photographic jungle! *cough* It's nice, really, to try so many different types of photographic genres that I'd never had thought to try on my own. Also, it's really frustrating how I actually have to DO stuff. I like it when I'm uselessly idle D:

This week: Street photography

Also, I got some awesome books that's I'ma explore this weekend. But more about them later, or else I'll be late for school. Wouldn't want that, now would we! herpderp

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